1. So you call yourself a luddite…

    This workshop is for anyone just entering the world of technology (even gingerly). In simple language, this workshop will define […]

  2. Digital Marketing Therapy

    The Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA) presents Digital Marketing Therapy. Actually, it’s not a presentation at all. It’s an open […]

  3. Claim your podcast on CanadaPodcasts.ca

    A drop in session to help you get your podcast up on the new CanadaPodcasts.ca directory. I’ll help you make […]

  4. Twitter Chats and Twitter Parties: Capturing Consumer’s attention one Tweet at a time

    Picture yourself in a room full of people having a great conversation: you have a glass of wine by and […]

  5. Pinterest – Its not just for girls anymore – Big brands are ALL OVER IT – Find out why

    As a follow up to PodCamp2012 ‘standing room only’ Pinterest session, Margarita Ibbott, Social Media Trainer, Speaker & Blogger will […]

  6. Video Marketing (YouTube Marketing)

    Have you ever considered selling your product or services through a video? Or would you like to promote your brand […]

  7. Sharing Better with Social Media Automation

    The goal of this workshop is to have you walk away with the ability to schedule your posts and and […]

  8. Mining and Visualizing Twitter: Text and Network Analysis with Netlytic.org

    It’s easy to recognize to the power of playing with Twitter data and anyone working in social media marketing can […]

  9. Persuasive Psychology for Interactive Design

    This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the Persuasive Communication Model, then focus on the persuasive psychology of interactive design. […]