Digital Marketing Therapy

This is a Workshop

The Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA) presents Digital Marketing Therapy. Actually, it’s not a presentation at all. It’s an open air question and answer period hosted by Brian and Tom. (But just because Brian is the president of CIMA, don’t assume he has the answer to every single question.) We want YOU to share your experience with every one else.

This session is ideal for business people and Internet marketing professionals. During the Digital Marketing Therapy session, everyone comes together to help and support one another. If you’ve had problems or issues in your business, chances are, others in the session have too. Bounce ideas off others who have gone through it already and perhaps find solutions.

Possible Topics That You Can Bring Up

– Issues with running a social media marketing campaign
– Client payment woes
– Tried paid search, didn’t work out. Now what?
– Worked with a vendor who left you feeling used

In true unconference style, this session is about the attendees, for the attendees.

Come early to be sure there’s time to cover your specific issue.

Questions Answered

  1. Share your challenges, be heard, and learn what you can do differently next time.