Persuasive Psychology for Interactive Design


This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the Persuasive Communication Model, then focus on the persuasive psychology of interactive design.

The Persuasive Communication Model offers a convenient system that you can use to design mobile applications, websites, or social media campaigns. You can use the model when you are developing new products, trying to improve old ones, or seeking to identify the success principles that lay behind your competitors’ products.

When designing new technologies or fixing old ones, the model provides a checklist of persuasion principles that you can use to compare your design with scientifically validate influence principles. If you wish to understand what makes your competitors’ technology work, you cannot just copy their product. Rather, you can use the model to reverse engineer their persuasive architecture, and then adapt their persuasive architecture to your unique product and market.

In this session, we will focus on interactive design. We will look at a number of persuasion and behaviour change principles that only operate within two-way communication channels. We will explore how these principles apply to the design of mobile apps, websites, and social media campaigns.

The content of this session will be presented in a simple format that will make linkages between our daily life and digital environments. During the workshop, participants will learn key theories, see examples of how they operate online, and then join our freestyle group analysis.

This will be the third and final PodCamp series on the psychology of digital engagement. Due to a lack of research funding, the full Persuasive Communication Model has been under embargo for the last three years. This is one of your few chances to learn about this model, which will remain unpublished, while Brian Cugelman, PhD, your presenter, authors a book on persuasive interactive design. Moreover, the Pentagon recently invited Brian to present his research to the Cyber Influence Project, making this workshop top secret–so don’t tell anyone about it.

P.S. It would be nice to get a larger room this year. Last year many people told me that they could not fit into the room, which was too small. Much appreciation if you can accommodate this.

Questions Answered

  1. How persuasive psychology can be used to build more engaging websites, mobile apps, or social media campaigns
  2. How to reverse engineer the success principles of your competitors digital technologies
  3. Which persuasion principles can be leveraged in interactive, two-way digital environments
  4. Why sensors will change everything, and create a revolution in persuasive technology

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