Sh!t hit the fan? Dealing with a crisis in the digital age


When things don’t go as planned and your brand comes under fire, how will you respond? Word spreads rapidly, especially in the Digital Age. Before you can even say ‘Tweet’, bloggers, news publications, and clients have jumped on the story and your ability to maintain control is lost. Or is it?

Attendees of this session can expect to learn how one brand dealt with crisis situations through social media, public relations, and client communications. Whether you’re in the midst of a crisis situation or working on your future communications plan, the candid lessons learned from this session make it a must for you. We’ll be discussing how to:

• Manage internal teams in a crisis situation
• Respond to online communities and utilize brand ambassadors
• Interact with the media
• React to clients and existing customers

We will share real life examples of how ING DIRECT overcame crisis situations.

Presenters are ING DIRECT Canada’s resident communicators:

Rashel Shamsipour (@Rashel_S), Social Media Specialist
Buket Oktem (@buket_o), Public Relations Lead
Evelyn Chan (@evchan), E-Services Manager

Questions Answered

  1. Internal communications
  2. Social media best practices
  3. Interacting with media
  4. Client communications

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