What Small Brands Can Learn From High Schoolers About Grassroots Social Marketing


I used to spend hours every week reading through Mashable, Social Media Examiner, and Seth Godin’s blog. After all, these are the authorities in social marketing. But I— like so many other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and aspiring trendsetters— found myself a little bit lost.

Every piece of advice that I read just made so much sense. But nothing seemed to… work. I realized that every social media resource was geared to brands that already had several thousand fans/followers. Meanwhile, I was stuck in “social media limbo”— that awkward position where my brand had a Facebook and Twitter page but absolutely nothing happened on them.

This session is not geared toward marketing managers of large banks or nationwide department stores. There’s probably too much red tape for anything fun to happen there anyway. This is a session for the little guys: (aspiring) entrepreneurs, small business owners, and content creators who are just starting up.

There’s nothing big and abstract. These are real ideas for real brands.

Who the heck am I?

I am 16 years old. I’ve been reading marketing books since the sixth grade. I started Glowstik Social Marketing about a year-and-a-half ago and got featured as one of PROFIT Magazine’s 30 Most Fabulous Canadian Entrepreneurs.

Questions Answered

  1. How to get brand evangelists to actually share
  2. Leveraging strategic partnerships to drive your social media (and sales!)
  3. Outsourcing on a super-low budget
  4. Providing real value through social media
  5. Making your startup or small business likable :)

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