Social Media Goes to College


Back in the olden days (three years ago), people thought social media couldn’t be taught in a formal educational setting. It was an indie discipline and you had to learn it by participating. However, as social media gained traction and moved to the mainstream, there’s been a greater demand for practitioners who are trained in the strategies, best practices and tools.

Martin Waxman, Eden Spodek, Marcus Daniels, Cyrus Mavalwala and Diane Begin are five communications and marketing professionals who’ve set up a Digital Strategy certificate. In this lively and interactive panel discussion and Q&A, they talk about the challenges, opportunities and how they use social and digital tools to teach the courses. And they’ll offer their report card on the state of social media education in 2013.

Questions Answered

  1. Can social media and digital strategy be taught effectively in a college or university?
  2. How will a more formal social media education help me do my job?
  3. What challenges does social media's evolving nature pose to the traditional education model?
  4. What are the pros and cons of digital and social media education in a post-secondary institution?

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