Social Media Business Backlash: When Big Companies Do Stupid Things


Consumers are feeling more empowered than ever thanks to the ability to rapidly spread their ideas to a wide audience. They’re effectively using social media platforms to take charge and correct perceived corporate misdeeds.

While trying to get a handle on this power shift, companies are feeling the backlash from consumers. This is especially true when they fail miserably at everything from product fulfillment to customer service. Perhaps worse is when out-in-the-open self-inflicted social media actions (or inaction) cause problems for the company. Social media use in the business world is becoming an unavoidable part of our culture and it won’t simply disappear because a company is ignoring it.

In this session, the reality behind social media marketing and use in the business world will be discussed. A number of actual cases of social media fails will be covered, as well as solutions.

Questions Answered

  1. How some of the world's most successful companies have made huge social media blunders.
  2. How to prevent social media mistakes in your own company.
  3. How companies can be proactive in their use of social media to avoid a backlash.