Ok, I’ve Got an App – Now How Do I Market it? – Mobile Marketing Basics


Have you ever wondered how to market an app: for iOS and Android?

This session will take you through the basics from: App Store SEO, Social Media, Mobile Marketing Campaigns, even the often speculated QR code.

This session will also do an overview of free mobile marketing tools that can track your success.

Kenny Norton is the Digital Marketing Manager at theScore, he manages and executes all social media and marketing for theScore App – one of the world’s leading and most downloaded sports apps. Once you build the next Instagram, or Flipboard you’ll be able you’ll be able to market it to the masses after attending this session.

Questions Answered

  1. App Store SEO - How to optimize your app for maximum discoverability in iTunes and Google Play
  2. Social Media - How to use Facebook and Twitter to effectively market your app and communicate with your users
  3. Mobile Marketing - How to effectively run campaigns with no budget, or a huge budget - Ad network basics and contra deal partnerships
  4. QR Code - How to effectively use a QR code - How to make one that stands out from the pack (in a good way)
  5. Mobile Marketing Tools - Which tools can you use to track your success and progress.

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