The Art of Storytelling: The shift from content marketing to storytelling.


“Without storytelling, content is nondescript, uninspiring and, frankly, a waste of time and energy.” – says Mark Evans, Contributor, Forbes

Compelling story telling is the foundation for building strong social relationships and brand advocacy.  Persuasive, shareable, and detailed, your brand’s story will create deep consumer connections.   And yet, many brands do not tell stories well.  Our panel will explore what is at the core of storytelling, what brand must do to unleash their stories and also – how some brands are managing to get their communities to tell the story on their behalf.

The panel includes:

  • –     Laurie Dillon-Schalk, Digital Planning Director, Draftfcb
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  • –     Hessie Jones, founder of ArC Company and organizer of last year’s packed Search vs Social Podcamp panel.
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  • –     Andrew Jenkins – Emerging Technology Strategist and Chief Strategy Officer – ArC Company
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  • –     Randy Matheson, Director, Emerging Media & Technology, Delvinia
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  • –     Mark Evans, Principal, ME Consulting – organizer of MESH, hi-tech reporter.
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Join us for a lively discussion on how brands, agencies, community managers and consumers are sharing their stories in 2013.

Questions Answered

  1. How do you foster storytelling?
  2. How do you get people to tell your brands’ story?
  3. The new tools consumers use to tell their stories?
  4. How to leverage multiple social platforms in storytelling?
  5. Hard lessons in storytelling: which brand are good story tellers, which are not

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