Fail Fast, Succeed Faster with Profound Ideation (& Advance Technological Marketing Tools, Resources & Solutions)

This is a Intermediate

In this intermediate Business & Entrepreneurialism Session, we shall explore Social Media & Marketing Technologies via Profound Ideation & Holographic SEO.

As well as how QR Technology is so powerful, but misunderstood & underutilized, that perhaps that’s why most of us are in fact using only 10% or less of its potential! Imagine if we used just 10% more, … what if we increase it by 80% more?

Together, we’ll take a closer look at the role of “Solomon Marketing” in Business & Entrepreneurial-ism specifically in our Local Marketplaces context of Ontario, Canada.

Plus, we plan to unveil our Mobile CPR Technology & tell you how you can get your hands on it.

Finally, since everyone loves coupons, special offers, sales and deals — find out what you are missing if you don’t have one for yourself, your business, brand, products and/or services.

Discover how we can help you do all this and a great deal more!

Thank You

Questions Answered

  1. What is Profound Ideation & How to Embrace Failure in order to Succeed Faster!
  2. Why our Local Marketplaces need our Help & What we can do about it.
  3. What is Project Solomon & How Holographic SEO impacts Digital Marketing!
  4. How Powerful QR Technology is & How to make Properly Profit from QR Codes.
  5. How Mobile CPR can help you Double or Triple your Business Revenue in 2013!