Destination Innovation – The Mobile Marketing and Commerce Revolution


Mobile devices are changing the way we connect, perform our jobs, entertain ourselves, find places, learn about the world around us and buy things. Mobile phone usage has surged with over five billion in use globally – over one billion in China alone. Mobile proliferation has occurred more rapidly than any technology in human history, and is profoundly transforming marketing, commerce and customer support functions. Are you prepared to play a crucial enablement and leadership role in this transformation?

Tom Vassos, author of “DESTINATION INNOVATION: Creative Mobile Marketing and Commerce Strategies” will discuss several potential topics:
 Explore a broad range of innovation examples including product, service, operations, business function and business model innovation.
 Get an appreciation for the breathtaking mobile transformation that is occurring around us – growth rates, obsession/addiction rates and mobile social media proliferation rates.
 Explore examples of innovative, mobile-enabled Business Models (e.g., Tesco Home Plus).
 Explore a wide range of mobile strategies for branding, moving prospects through the sales cycle, conducting mobile commerce transactions and providing world-class customer support.
 Learn from an astonishing world tour of successful mobile marketing and commerce strategies. We may cover several name brand examples from five continents across several industries.
 Explore a wide range of mobile marketing strategies such as:
 Augmented Reality and QR Code Marketing strategies to achieve a wide range of business and marketing objectives.
 Push mobile marketing with SMS text, email or app alerts.
 Toolkits and frameworks to Accelerate your Mobile Marketing
 Strengthen brands with innovative Niche Marketing, Community Marketing, Viral Marketing, Video Marketing, Advertising or Cause Marketing mobile strategies.
 Move prospects through the sales cycle with innovative mobile Trial Marketing, Coupon Marketing, Clicks and Bricks Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, Hyperlocal Marketing, Check-in Social Media Marketing, Gamification Marketing or Augmented Reality Merchandising strategies.
 Explore a wide range of innovative mobile commerce methods such as Mobile Website/Mobile App Transactions, Daily Deals, Gift Cards, Clicks and Bricks, Customer Self-Checkout, Employee Self-Checkout, Click-to-Call, Pay by Name, PayPal, Alipay or Tap-and-Go mobile transactions to maximize sales.
 Explore the Top 10 Mobile Futures Technologies.

Questions Answered

  1. 1. A world tour of mobile marketing, commerce and mobile-enabled business model innovation examples.
  2. 2. Tactics to monetize your mobile strategies.
  3. 3. Specific mobile marketing/commerce tactics you can start implementing today to succeed.

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