Effective Website Planning

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Creating a website on the fly works in some situations, but for accountability and timeliness, you should plan out your requirements in advance. This is especially true if you’re working with a team, or if you need something tangible for documentation/presentation purposes.

Effective Website Planning walks attendees through three-step process that churns out great — and delightfully simple — documentation. The goal? Improve communication, set clear expectations, and eliminate unnecessary scope creep.

While this presentation references WordPress as an example, the takeaways hold strong for any website, regardless of platform.

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Andy McIlwain is an organizer of the Toronto WordPress Group, Toronto WordPress Developers Group, and WordCamp Toronto. He handles Sales & Marketing at Kobayashi Online, a digital marketing agency specializing in WordPress and small business websites.

Questions Answered

  1. How to create a visual map of site requirements.
  2. How to create a robust, multi-purpose document to guide site development.
  3. How to align requirements to specific solutions.
  4. How to clarify expectations and clearly define project scope.
  5. How to improve accountability and communication.

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