Making Your Content Findable – Tagging and Categorizing for Bloggers

This is a Intermediate Design & Development

The focus of this presentation is tagging and categorization — core capabilities in WordPress and other blogging platforms as well as content management systems (CMS) generally. Learn how different categorizations schemes can be used to enable readers to find relevant content in a blog or CMS and how they impact usability. Understand how tags and categories increases a blog’s traffic by improving the findability and navigation of content once they have arrived onsite. Find out how the effective use of categorization increases the value of a blog to advertisers as well as readers.

The presentation will answer the the following questions:

What are tags and categories in WordPress and what important capabilities do they provide to a blog and its readers?

Why do bloggers favour tags over categories to organize their content?

Why are categories a crucial component of a successful blog and more effective than tags?

What are some of the best and worst examples of tagging and categorization schemes?

How should your use of tags and categories change as your blog evolves through startup, intermediate and power blogger stages?

What do tag and categories plugins do that adds useful capabilities and value to a blog? Which are the most popular and capable ones?

Questions Answered