It was September 27th, 2011 and the world was definitely, definitely, definitely going to end.

Around the planet, tens of thousands of amateur astronomers, truthers, doomtards, spaceboobs, lurkers, tin foilers, sheeple, house wives, bored executives, bunker hunkering elites, angry graduate students, average Joes and other dwellers of the interwebz been waiting for this day like a first Christmas…if Christmas was a horrific, violent, global cataclysm that would wash away all traces of civilization in a torrent of its own wicked blood.

The star of this show, a little rock. Not just any little rock, but what had become one of the most discussed and feared little rocks in modern times. A little rock that was here to kick our ass.

And between Dec 2010 and Sept 27th 2011, more than 6.8 million pages of online content, sixteen thousand youtube videos, countless blog posts, tweets and other cyber droppings had been created to hypothesize all the various and horrible things this near invisible astral nugget was going to do to us and our little planet.

Through this fantastical but little known story of comet C2010X1, also known by its pop name as ELENIN we will explore other side of “viral” content. Through a tongue in cheek presentation we will examine the serious implications of how the transforming modes of communication in the 21st century can change bad ideas in to dangerous ideas in ways in new and challenging ways.

Questions Answered

  1. Understanding how big ideas are happening on the internet every day and why we don't know or hear about them
  2. Why viral content does't work when or do what you want it to
  3. The implications of international language markets on the re circulation of content in Western Markets
  4. The essential elements of creating infectious marketing ideas by looking at viral content through non marketing lenses
  5. The application of clinical pathology as a framework for understanding viral content at its roots

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