One Medium to Another: The “Glamourous” World of Entertainment Podcasting

This is a Podcasting & New Media Panel

A panel discussion by podcasters who spend their time talking about the different media that have entertained them from past to present. The panelists will talk about the passion that provoked their podcasts and the benefits/drawbacks of niche podcasting:

Ryan McNeil (@matinee_ca)podcasts about film at

Candice Lepage (@cinn48) and Nick Montgomery (@Merc_Media) podcast about web series at

Rick Weiss (@RickWeiss) podcasts about music at

Anthony Marco (@anthonymarco) podcasts about Canadian television at and retro television at

Questions Answered

  1. Has niche podcasting allowed for building of audience?
  2. How do you impose boundaries on topic matter?
  3. The importance of caring about your topic matter.
  4. The benefits of non-solo podcasting.
  5. Podcast planning (to script or not to script)