“Comedic Journalism”: Podcasting in Harper’s Canada

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“There is nothing more powerful than a punch line whose time has come” – Probably Not Victor Hugo

During the George W. Bush years America’s political podcasting culture exploded and the age of “Comedic journalism” began. Now in 2013, it’s time to ask: Can comedy and podcasting finally crash the fourth estate in Canada?

Right now, Canada has the perfect storm to see a surge of political podcasting and “comedic journalism”. While the corporate media is jumping behind paywalls, social media users are louder than ever. Whether it’s Sun News floundering, Trudeau’s hair running for leader or the troubles of PM Harper and Mayor Rob Ford, we definitely aren’t going to run out of material.

In this session facilitated by the team behind the “Truth Mashup Radio” podcast and YouTube’s “Cynically Tested Channel” we’ll share ideas about taking back the media and how the freedoms of podcasting can help give rise to a new generation of voices in Canada’s media landscape.

Questions Answered

  1. Deconstructing Journalism
  2. Understanding the YouTube Community
  3. Hashtagging for Change
  4. Parody Law in Canada
  5. Google Hangouts

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