Digital Gold: How I Escaped the Rat Race and Discovered Online Treasure

This is a Advanced

This session is about my story at Digital Gold, the book on Amazon. It is a personal story, and the story of starting new business – but most importantly it’s a story about taking risks and following dreams. It’s about the psychology of success just as much as the real-world process.

This is a story of how I left the comfort zone of my old life at a comfortable, enjoyable job to strike out on my own and launch a successful business.

Some people are satisfied moving through life with a good job and a reliable salary – perhaps they want more occasionally, but they aren’t willing to take the risks necessary to go beyond the comfort and apparent security of employment.

There are others – a much more rare type of person – who will never be satisfied working for someone else, no matter how much money, respect and status the job may bring.

In this session I will share my own personal story of success in life and in business. You will learn the practical, pragmatic process I went through to find the perfect business model and how I grew my internet business from a small operation into a full agency with dozens of clients. You will learn who provided the most positive influences on my path to success, and who tried to hold me back – and how I dealt with obstacles and negative influences, both from outside and within myself.

But above all else, what I would like you to take away from my presentation is the importance of action and execution when it comes to pursuing your own dream of success. There are times in any success person’s life where they have to go against conventional wisdom, make an unpopular decision, and take a big risk. It’s a bridge that always needs to be crossed – real success, and the real happiness and freedom it can offer, never come easy.

I am sure that you will learn a lot from it, feel inspired by it, and ultimately take your destiny into your own hands as a result.

Questions Answered

  1. Why I should start my own business?
  2. What are the challenges I will face while converting into an "Entrepreneur"?
  3. What is the support system I need to get started?
  4. How to reduce my risk in this transition?
  5. What is the best solution to start a business?