How to Get Key Influencers & Celebrities Asking to Be on Your Web Show – Using Google+ Hangouts on Air


Just a few short months after launching #SparkleSOS the Social Media Turnaround Show on Google+ Hangouts on Air & settling on the monthly regular feature of Book Authors & Publishers, #SparkleSOS has become a main resource for agency blog traffic, new clients and revenue.

We’ve welcomed celebrity book authors & startup evangelists including Guy Kawasaki (APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book) and Chris Guillebeau (The $100 Startup), and are fully booked on our schedule for the Spring looking forward to Hangouts with Dorie Clark (Reinventing You / HBR Press) and Mike Michalowicz (The Pumpkin Plan / self-published).

With book authors & publishers at all levels applying for one of the coverted 10 seats on the Hangout with our celebrity authors, to receive personal, live help with their challenges, we’ve also been asked to coordinate special episodes of #SparkleSOS to feature and launch new businesses like – an online business portal for experts & enthusiasts of any subject to monetize their advice & expertise (supported by Gary Vaynerchuk).

In this session we’ll talk about how we planned and launched the #SparkleSOS program, which decisions were most successful (and unplanned), and how we’re using it to develop agency awareness, lead generation and sponsor sales.

This is in advance of our proposed G+ HoA sessions at Social Media Camp Victoria in May, and Spring sessions in California at Social Media Marketing World & the Mari Smith Intensive. Session participants with experience in G+ HoA may be invited to be showcased in our upcoming G+ HoA product launch.

20 minute presentation & 10 minutes Q&A

Questions Answered

  1. How to plan & promote your Google+ Hangout on Air panel-of-experts program
  2. How to monetize activities (creating a media kit and selling to sponsors)
  3. Rationalizing the activity for clients / employers
  4. Why it's a good thing there are so many G+ haters who are social media "influencers" and digital leaders
  5. How Google is supporting and promoting users of G+ HoA

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