Mobile App Design and Functionality for Low Vision Users: Penetrating International Markets and New Demographics

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Wider device distribution and lower price points drive global demand for mobile applications. As marketplaces mature they become more crowded. Developers experience difficulty growing their user base. To overcome these challenges some companies are turning to global markets. Others are targeting new demographic segments. And others are focusing on refining product design and functionality. The most successful companies employ an all-of-the-above approach in acquiring and retaining users.

In November 2012 Raising Accessibility conducted a low vision usability study for a new iPhone app with users who experience low vision. Raising Accessibility’s purpose was to test assumptions about usage of Apple devices and identify essential futures that all developers should consider when designing apps.

This presentation outlines five takeaways from our low vision usability study. It details recommendations for mobile developers looking to create barrier free apps.

Questions Answered

  1. From which countries will your new users come in 2013 and on
  2. Among which demographics will your app become popular in 2013 and on
  3. How many of these new users experience a physical impairment
  4. Design and functionality recommendations for serving these disabled users

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