Making the case for designing mobile-friendly web sites

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“Mobility and ease of access are making mobile devices to take on 30% of all of web traffic as of 2012 and it is expected to peak at 50% this year. At the end of 2012, more and more websites realized this change and it is here to stay. In 2012, the sales of tablets escalated to a whopping 100 million units. ”

More and more mobile devices are being to used to browse the web. Making the case for the redesign your company’s website (or anyone’s website) needs to be made and the time is now..

Norman Valdez has over a decade of experience working with new media and a “new media warrior,” he has successfully introduced the benefits of responsive design for a Canadian charitable organization, the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) to redesign their community websites for career developers. Driving an average traffic or 12,000 visits per day, (and its French content counterpart have been recently relaunched. In addition, Norman is the co-founder of a creative services company “Vivid Design” which offers companies their business consulting and professional creative service to make their websites “mobile-friendly.” To learn about Norman, visit:!/norman-valdez

Questions Answered

  1. How to make the case for the redesign your company's website or anyone else's website
  2. Why responsive design is the answer and not having a mobile app
  3. How new cloud technologies and newer enhancements to WordPress and Joomla are key in today's web design
  4. Where the future of web design is heading
  5. Why mobile-friendly browsing will be king in 2013