How to Create Engaging Content for Your Website or Blog

This is a Other

You’re so ready to jump into the digital arena. You’ve employed a great web designer to produce a slick-looking website. You’re a semi-Wordpress pro and you know it. Social media is your thing: You’ve got a Twitter account, a Facebook page—heck, you’re even on Google+. You are totally digitized, friend!

So, now what?

Now it’s time to create content for your website or blog, the main reason why anyone would want to visit your online home. The big lingering question is how the hell do you do that exactly?

In this session we’ll go through some exercises for generating ideas, go over a few blog post formats, discuss where to mine for new ideas, and figure out how to produce content without actually producing content <– that was not a typo.

Please come to this session with pen and paper—yes, old school style.

Questions Answered

  1. How to face a blank page and begin blogging (even if you claim not to be a writer!)
  2. How to conceptualize content and produce it
  3. How to brainstorm and ideate