Women in STEM

This is a Community & Activism Panel

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is an important factor to our society. There is enough evidence to suggest that the number of women are far less in this line of work and the few that were fortunate enough to study this field do not necessarily hold a C-Level position. Girls’ accomplishments in STEM are created by the quality of female leaders around them. Female mentors shape the paths for the next generation of female leaders and, at this point, the mentors and the young women need support in achieving the success that they were born to have. This issue is predominant in Canada as the systemic support here is far less accessible as our neighbours south of the border seem to thrive in.

Questions Answered

  1. Awareness on the issue
  2. Brainstorm around systemic changes and accessibility to all Canadian women
  3. Discuss opportunities for more Canadian women in STEM
  4. How do we support Canadian women leaders to become mentors to young girls
  5. How we support young Canadian girls who show interest in STEM

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