Blogging about My Enthusiasm in the Lifestyle, Nudist, & Fetish Community and Forming Niche Market

This is a Culture & Entertainment

MsKitty started to blog about the communities- lifestyle, nudist, and fetish affairs is what she thrives in! Hedonistic adventures in Toronto and around the World.

Starting at a very young age, blossom and constantly evolving, writing about my personal experiences is always my passion. Blame it on Anne Frank and after a huge Rubbermaid container full of journals, it’s time to expand it online, learn how to type it out, and share the world my inner, dark self.

MsKitty began writing a blog after being asked to host a monthly event at Oasis Aqualounge called Hot Springs. It didn’t take long to have the blog catch on, after all, I am “out there”. I write reviews on my night, there on to twice a month and now it’s a weekly event. The add on’s to fill in the content, is all my experiences on the weekends, anything relevant to the subject, media stunts, travel, affiliates, and certainly my own experiences. Of course, how I use a lot of different social media platforms to get the blog out.

Website blog has over 85000+ hits, 1000+ followers, 900+ Twitter Followers, and almost 200 in Facebook in a year’s time.

MsKitty is part of the scenes with Oasis Aqualounge as a Public Relations, Host Hot Springs and First Taste events, social media platform, and update their current website and currently started to be a travel specialist for Char Travel (lifestyle travels).

*Lifestyle has in swinging. Some communities use this word loosely.

Questions Answered

  1. Standing behind community (or multiple) and being proud of believing in it!
  2. Learn about Oasis Aqualounge, lifestyle, nudist, and fetish communities
  3. How the blog is beneficial to any supporting business
  4. How I got affiliates to be part of my site
  5. People can ask me all sorts of questions...

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