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Why I wanted to volunteer with PodCamp Toronto not just attend it.

At the end of 2010 I left Dubai to Toronto. The Digital marketing world was still a puzzle and I was avoiding figuring it out. To make it easy for me back then I told myself Ahhh it is just some kids playing on facebook wanting to monetize it. It is social how on earth we would need it for our business. Then I told myself: Ok, I am going to Toronto soon. I will figure all about it there. They should know better. To my surprise, digital marketing was already huge here. Social media was already established and used for small business and organizations. I wanted to be part of this new space. Actually it is not new. It is just new to me.

I came to know about Podcamp 2012 and honestly I was nervous to attend it. It seemed to me that this is a high tech, geeky event that I would not understand a thing. Luckily, two of my friends were presenting there so I just kicked myself in the butt and went anyway. I attended couple of very good sessions and the discussions were very engaging. I started to think. Maybe digital marketing and new media is not that bad after all. I was impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the event and the content of the program.

Nothing like what I used to in Dubai where every event has to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions. I thought not everything has to be big, impressive and complicated. This is a simple event organized by young professionals adding value to the digital scene in the city of  Toronto. The concept itself was very motivating to me. What could be better than adding value to other people’s experience? Creating a space where meaningful conversations take place. Experienced professionals allocating time to add value to other professionals’ experiences, promote their work and network with their audience directly. This is how I see it and this is why I wanted to be part of this amazing energy. In addition to that, I found my next job in a digital agency because of the possibilities that opened to me after attending PodCamp 2012. So part of my desire to volunteer is a token of gratitude to this amazing event.

About May

May Tartoussy is working as a business development consultant with Stone Canoe – a digital advertising company. Prior to her arrival to Canada in 2011, May served as Marketing Assistant Manager in Dubai Holding, the Dubai government conglomerate that owns many high profile developments and investments in Dubai and around the world.

May immigrated to Canada in January 2011 and has already become an active member contributing to the community in Toronto by volunteering in organizations and groups such as TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival) and the Social Media Café Toronto.

Three reasons you should attend PodCamp Toronto #PCTO13

Photo courtesy of griffintech on Flickr:

Photo courtesy of griffintech on Flickr:

If you’ve never been to PodCamp Toronto before, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about and what’s in it for you. Mostly, you’re probably asking yourself “why would I want to give up my weekend for an “industry” event?” Fair questions. In just three reasons, here’s why:

It’s free!
You read that right – PodCamp Toronto is 100% free for all attendees thanks to the support of our amazing sponsors. On top of that, it’s open doors at PCTO, and you can come and go as you please. Join us for a few sessions, or stay for the entire weekend – it’s up to you! Just be sure to register ;).

You’ll meet awesome people
Attendees of PCTO don’t “network” – they make friends, share knowledge and become a member of the PodCamp family. Some amazing collaborations and lasting friendships have been formed at past PodCamps, and PCTO13 will be no exception. Expect to leave with some new friends!

You will learn A LOT
PCTO13 is packed with great sessions on everything from “How to develop a killer content marketing strategy,” to “The ‘Glamourous’ World of Entertainment PodCasting,” to “Easy and Beautiful Video Blogging,” and everything in between. At PCTO you choose the sessions that will be most valuable to you. If you’re not getting what you expected out of a session we encourage you to use the “law of two feet” and make your way to something that will be more beneficial for you. Check out all of the awesome sessions we have lined up here.

Bonus reason: it’s FREE!
Oh wait, we already told you that… see you there, Ryerson University February 23 & 24!

If you have any questions, tweet your Qs to us anytime @PodCampToronto or reach us on our Facebook page