A word from our sponsor: Rogers Communications


Rogers, a supporter of PodCamp Toronto for several years now, has returned to PCTO13 as a Gold Sponsor! We hooked up with Elise Ondet (@RogersElise) to chat with her about Rogers’ sponsorship and why they’re supporting us this year:

Why is Rogers sponsoring PodCamp?

Rogers has always been a huge fan of PodCamp Toronto. #PCTO has a true community feeling, and that’s what social media is all about. We love being able to catch up with old friends and finally meet in real life the people we’re interacting with online on a daily basis. We love the variety of sessions and the variety of the conversations in the “sessions-between-the-sessions”!

What “hot topics” of conversation are you looking forward to at this year’s PodCamp?

Social media is constantly bursting with new platforms and new tools. Pinterest, how do you use it? Has anyone dabbed into Vine for brands yet? Is podcasting making a come-back? What about Google+? Instagram –what are the new opportunities now that it’s available on the web too?
Most importantly, who does the best #HarlemShake? The firefighters or the army? Now, this a crucial debate.

What can attendees expect from PodCamp Toronto they probably won’t see or hear at other events this year?

It’s the sense of community that you get at PodCamp that makes it really different. Everyone is on an equal footing, presenters in the morning will be listening in in the afternoon, and whether you’re starting in social media or you’re a “social media guru” PodCamp gives you an opportunity to get out of it what you’re looking for. You’re a session fan? Go to as many as you want and with the variety of topics, you won’t be disappointed. You like to network? Hang out in the hallway and finally meet in real life that witty guy who’s making you laugh every day on Twitter. We’re one community, all social media addicts!

Is Rogers participating in any sessions? Are you doing anything specific this year?

We sure are! We’re participating in a panel: “How not to suck at social customer service”. Come check it out!

We’ll hold our #RogersChargingStation because what is a social media event with dead smartphones? We want to keep the conversation alive and for that, you can come and get some juice for your device at our table.

And surprises for you: we have amazing prizes to win and we’ve organized a SMavenger hunt, aka a social media scavenger hunt, to enter. Details will be at the #RogersChargingStation table, or you’ll easily spot one of us in our red shirts: come and ask us questions 🙂